Temperature and Pressure


Accutech has introduced to the industrial marketplace the only completely wire-free monitoring system. The Accutech Wireless Instrumentation monitoring system is a turnkey, self-powered package that provides a cost-effective solution to the challenge of monitoring process variables in remote, hard-to-access, or hazardous locations. The transmitters include temperature, pressure, dP, acoustic and analog inputs. Distance from transmitters to base station can be up to 6000 feet.


Temp-Pro Inc. is your best-value source for temperature sensors, electrical enclosures, and electro-mechanical assembly services. Our  thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, gauges, and temperature sensing components and accessories are designed  and manufactured to each customer's specifications: we work with you to determine your needs, and design,  engineer, and build prototypes and production products in-house at our Northampton, MA facility.We've served the power-generation, petrochemical, cement, and heat-processing industries since 1972.